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Monday, May 03, 2010


There is a recall of about 40 different liquid medicines going on ... while it is being labelled as "voluntary", I've heard that the company really was not given much choice by either the FDA or Johnson&Johnson.

Full information of the Recalled Products can be found on the FDA recall page for these products.

Here's the jest of it --

inspectors found repeated issues with the plant ... either there wasn't enough meds, or too much med, per ml .... in some cases "foreign matter" was found in the meds - i.e. metal shavings ... etc.

but there have been no reports of adverse reactions (in otherwords, they don't know of anyone who has been hurt by it .... yet)

Here is a partial, non-detailed list of products ....
  • Tylenol Infant Drops
  • Children's Tylenol Suspensions (such as toddlers uee)
  • Children's Tylenol PLUS Suspensions (the stuff for colds/allergies/runny noses/etc)
  • Motrin Infant Drops
  • Motrin Liquid Suspension
  • Children's Zyrtec
  • Children's Liquid Benedyrl

Please note that some of these products have been included in Kits the company put together (especially those given to new parents who leave the hospital) ... so if you know someone with an infant or small child -- generally the liquids are used for kids under 6 yrs old -- you may wish to pass this information on to them ASAP

If you go to the McNeil pharmacuticals website Recall page you will find the process for getting refunds/coupons for products you have already purchases ... their full list of products has photos of the products involved and further info on how to read your medicine box/bottle to see if it is one of the products in question.

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