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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Crossing the Line

Alright this in a new post category/title that will likely get a work out ... but I just had to get it up today because there are a couple of news items which have popped up which really fit it.

First, domestically speaking, is the 14 buses of protesters - 500 SEIU UNION protesters - who for some reason were protesting a bank executive ... so they did this on public property, right? NO.

These assholes - this group, not Union members in general (my brothers are union members, their wives are union members, my daughter will have to join a union to be a cop) - took it to the PRIVATE home of the bank executive.

So was this man even home? No - it was during the day while he was at work ... his son on the other hand was home ... by himself.

Now imagine this ...

You are 14yrs old and suddenly you see all these buses showing up along your street ... then out of them comes person after person carrying signs ... so they stayed on the street right? No - they swarmed the lawn & yard ...

They are using speaker horns ... looking in windows ... yelling obscenities ... yelling such things as "Will we take back our democracy?" "take it back" "Death to America" (yes they Did start chanting that!) ...


Well this won't be over because the news is broadcasting the front of the house (fairly modest -- I would guess that it was maybe a $200,000 - $300,000 home, average) and saying what city its in ... you know someone is going to do something they are not supposed to now that they can track these houses down.

So the question is 'what were they protesting?' ... the inability of themselves to pay their mortgages and having their houses foreclosed on -- yeah, I'm guessing that not all 500 involved actually had their homes foreclosed on.

And then to make things all the worse the "political expert" that FoxNews brought on from UCLA [okay there's the first clue] thought that what this group of people did was perfectly exceptable and that the Tea Party movement would do the same thing "if it weren't so reactionary and misguided" WHAT? what do you think this group is?? But that isn't even the point of the matter.

Do they have a RIGHT to protest? yes - that is granted under the constitution
Do they have the RIGHT to take it to this guys house? no - that falls under privacy & landowner laws

Everyone is missing the entire point of this -- THEY WENT TO THE MAN'S HOUSE ... his PRIVATE RESIDENCE ...

This 'expert' doesn't even know what he's talking about ... according to him the Black Panthers disbanded in 1967 ... this is so not true! Ask Phil Donahue who had one on his program (think it was the leader in fact) in the mid 70's .... "officially" the party was dissolved in 1976 - but a "New Black Panther Party" was started in 1989 ... in 2001, the National Alliance of Black Panthers was formed ...

yeah ... there's no Black Panther movement ... still -- THAT ISN"T THE POINT HERE.

Protest at the office -- yes
Protest at the headquarters -- yes
Protest at the capital -- yes
protest at the home of an employee -- NO

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