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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This Should WIn An Award

In what is sure to be the "Best Bitch Slap" of the year ... or at least one of the nominees .... AZ is taking action against LA, CA.

In case you missed it, I'll recap the situation.

In response to AZ's new ILlegal immigrate law (maybe 'resident' would be a better word?) Los Angeles (LA) city passed a resolution which states it was going to no longer do business with AZ -- overwhelmingly they passed this resolution which BANS it.

Doesn't say they don't recommend it ... doesn't say they would look other places first ... it said that they absolutely would not do business with the state (AZ).

So in response, Arizona (AZ) has sent a letter to L.A.'s mayor saying that if the city does not reverse its resolution, then it was no longer going to recieve power from AZ - it would have to find it else where.

About 1/4 of L.A. gets its power from AZ ... a measure which has helped to keep prices down and one which helps the city circunvent the state's (CA) strict regulations on power production (which adds to the costs) ....

This will mean millions of dollars of lost business to AZ -- but that is if it is allowed to happen.

My guess is that L.A. will take AZ to court to prevent the cut-off of power .... they will more than likely file it in uber-liberal CA and win, to which AZ will file a counter suit in their state - and also win. This will go to the US Supreme Court and we will see that nothing will happen while it goes thru ...

my prediction ....

with Obama stacking the court with people who believe in legislating from the bench - CA will win ... and then Pelosi & Boxer will push thru some law that will prevent it from ever happening again.

It will be interesting to see if the court will allow one state to 'punish' another for passing a law they don't believe in. I mean for slavery & segregation I could see where a move like L.A's could be useful ... but I have to wonder if this doesn't cross the line of 'interstate commerce' ... in which either the Supreme Court or L.A. would be breaking the law.

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