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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In Their Own Words

" ... the Cardinals, the Archbishops, the Bishops come to me and say 'we want you to pass immigration reform' and I said 'I want to to speak about it from the pulpit' ... "

Nancy Pelosi, Catholic Community Conference, WDC

Here's the problem though --

there is a law - and it has tried to get used in my own state - that says that if a church uses their pulpit for political reasons, or uses it to support a political candidate then it can be striped of its tax-exemption status and lose its 'non-profit', 'non-political' status ....

this was brought up in my state when a politican stood up at an alter/pulpit of one of the churches to push for the people to vote for or against a bill that was on the ticket that year (I don't remember exactly) ... it also came up when a minister tried to say in one election year that the people of the church should vote for a candidate who thought the way their church did, and even though he did not mention any names they were still threatened with having their status pulled.

And Pelosi of all people should know that.

They, the heads of the churches, can say what they want away from the pulpit - but they can't make any such remarks from behind it (or in front of it, or really any where within the building) ...

You can't scream "Seperation of Church & State" over every little thing, and then ask their help when you want something passed ... that's such a childish attitude! It sounds just like a kid who when their folks ask them to do something says 'no' all the time, then suddenly wants to borrow the car, or needs some money ...

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