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Friday, May 28, 2010

President Ignores Constitution

Ok ... here is a preview of the statement that will be coming out of the White House about the Sestak election case. You know the one where Sestak is claiming that he was offered a cabinet seat if he dropped out of the senate race against Arlen Spector, who had just switched parties before the health care bill was shoved down our throats, I mean, passed.

Here is what they figure the statement from the White House Council's office will say:

Ron Emmanual, the Chief of Staff (if you watch "West Wing" you know these guys speak for the President when they talk to someone about official matters "off the record") approached Fmr. President Bill Clinton .... you remember Bill? He was impeached for unethical behavior while in the White House ... of course he would be their 'go-to' guy for this ....

Bill Clinton was asked to call Sestak and find out if there was "any way" to persuade/encourage him not to run in the PA senate race against Specter.

But they are going to claim that because Clinton had no formal power to guarenttee a position that the White House's (i.e. Obama) hands are 'clean' ... that there was nothing unethical about them ... there was nothing illegal about them.

This would make Clinton an Independant Contractor and ... well ... Thrown under the bus!

Look - call a pig a pig.

the White House (i.e. Obama) offered Sestak, thru an agent, a JOB not to run. There is not question in my mind.


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