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Monday, June 14, 2010

Democrat Scape-Goat - South Carolina Pol Questions Dem Senate Candidate's 'Mental Status'

You've got to love it -- the dems are turning on their own simply because the one they wanted didn't win.

In case you've missed it Alvin Greene won with 59% of the vote ... only thing is - he didn't put out a single commercial, didn't do any campaigning ... he was however the first one on the list of candidates on the polling ticket!

So now he has won ... and you would think that the Dems would be sitting back and scratching their heads trying to figure out why their people are turning against their message ...

well to them the message can't be wrong -- something else must be going on.

So now they are charging that Greene is a plant.

At first one Representative (D) said that it was a 'Republican' plant ... but now that has been backed off - because there is no proof.

So they are looking to see where he got the $10,000 to run ...

First --- WHAT???? If it is illegal to have a 'poll tax', where you had to pay a certain amount in order to be able to vote -- then how can they charge you a fee in order to run??

This is wrong, and should be challenged in the courts.

Second --- why do they care where the money came from? I know the law there says that the candidates have to raise the money themselves and they can't let anyone else pay for them ... but you know damn well that this is just a way to keep the poor from having a true voice in the political system ...

I mean, the way it is written, a member couldn't get an advance on their pay ... they couldn't borrow the money from a relative ... and technically, they couldn't get it from campaigning since they get that money from someone else - possibly Republicans!

But wait --- the money isn't the only issue ...

Now, since the latest incarnation of 'vast right wing conspiracy' isn't working, they are now trying to discredit this guy on his mental status!

They are calling it into question saying he is unfit.

Well -- considering some of the people they have in office, I don't think we will see that much of a difference do you?

Hell, they've got one congressman who accuse the Republicans of wanting people to die quickly ... they've got a Senator who decided during nationally televised hearing to discuss personal televsion viewing with a witness when the subject actually had nothing to do with television ... they've had Governors who have jumped on a plane to go to a foreign country and then be surprised when people were upset ...

And don't get me wrong -- the Republicans have had their share of 'nut cases' in office as well!

I don't think anyone in politics should be throwing stones!

Here's an idea --- maybe, just maybe -- the people voted for Greene because ... um ... the guy you wanted SUCKS!!!!

Maybe, just maybe, the people of South Carolina have been so programmed to vote for the party that they figured one is as good as any other.

Maybe, just maybe, you should SUPPORT the person that the PEOPLE VOTED for your party and play with the CARDS DEALT YOU!!

To use the colloquium, put lipstick on the pig ... hell dress it up to look like a whore if you have to ... but that is who the people said they wanted -- now deal with it!

We went thru this crap with Bush's elections -- both of them, although the first one is the more controversial -- where they sat back and went "people didn't understand the ballot, they meant to vote for Kerry but accidentally voted for Buchanan" and wanted all those votes tossed or automatically switched to their candidate.

Then there was the whole Coleman/Franken controversy -- now I will have to say that the race was so close that the first recount was automatically triggered by MN law ... but when the recount switched the count over to the Republican candidate, the true colors of the Cry-Baby Party came out ... to the point of counting votes that were obviously for the Republican as votes for the Democrat because the person must have been 'confused'.




although ....

maybe we will be lucky and they will take their toys and go home!

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