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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Numerology Class

Okay - just saw some numbers on tv that I wanted to share (actually I have a bunch more - but its been such a busy week/month/yr that I haven't gotten them all up yet) ....

Handling of the Gulf Oil Spill Crisis
___________=__Obama ___BP
Up To The Job __=_36% ____25%
In Over Its Head _-54% ___68%
June 8-9; 900 Reg.Voters MOE +/- 3%
FoxNews/Opinion Dynamics

Actually I have to feel sorry for the workers in UK ... from what I've heard, most of them have part or all of their pensions tied to BP in one form or another -- so everytime Obama opens his yap to point the finger at BP for why things aren't getting done, and the stock takes a hit, they are losing money.

I want to say the stock is down by 1/3 or something like that

On the plus side, I've heard the President is going to some of the companies overseas to ask for their help dealing with the spill .... since our country won't allow our companies to drill off-shore and they have never had to have contingency plan for such a thing .... hmmm.

Gee. Aren't you glad now that we didn't let any of our companies drilling off-shore? Our coastlines are so much safer now.

Not a rip at BP, really -- more a rip at the stupidity of not letting our companies gather the oil around our own country.

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