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Monday, June 28, 2010


Obama says he is calling the buff of people calling for those who want him to cut back on spending ... and debt reduction

National debt right now stands at $13Trillion ... that's not quite right, its actually a bit more - but even with them playing with the numbers its bad.

He says next year he is going to
"start presenting very difficult choices to the country"
he continued to say
"I hope some of these folks who are hollering about deficits & debts step up because because I'm calling their bluff"

What the F does that mean??? (and why the heck is he even bringing it up at the G20 meeting?)

So you think they will cut the usual teachers & police? A contributor for FoxNews Sunday wrote in to ask why they never cut the unnecessary beauracrats ... I have an answer to that --
Because then they would need to find a real job!

I'm thinking this means that:
  1. people making less that the original $250,000/couples, $150,000 indivual will be taxed through their teeth
  2. home owners will be penalized
  3. child tax credits will be gone unless you are very poor
  4. married couples will be penalized (and no, divorces before hand won't count)
  5. you will be penalized if at least one spouse is a stay-at-home w/o collecting unemployment (how dare you work out your financials to enjoy that!)
  6. if you own a business you will be taxed higher
  7. if you are not a union member, you will be taxed higher
  8. property tax will carry a federal portion (or a higher portion of it)
  9. if you don't qualify for grant money, you will be unable to send your child to college
  10. the government will pay even less of their share of the money they already make states/school systems spend with their 'mandatory' programs
Here's an idea ... these are some of the things I'd like to see:
  1. 25% pay cut to all politicians
  2. health care cost for politicians have to come out of their paycheck, not as an extra cost free deal
  3. end the 'lifetime' income of politicans who have served for so long ... some still have offices/security/medical/etc paid for by the people ... they should have to live life like every other retiree!
  4. State dinners need to be on a shoestring budget - more of a 'home-style' flair. What's wrong with a hearty soup and a loaf of bread??
  5. Congressional commesary/lunch room or dining halls need to offer less choices -- they don't need to have 15 different entrees offered every day just have most of it pitched out at the end of the day.
  6. More video-conferencing with other nations (this will save at least $1million a trip just in security costs)
  7. President has to pay for the dog food/lawn "maintainance"/dog walkers for the pet he bought AFTER he was elected -- even if he had it before hand I think a President should pay for it.
  8. Elimination of clothes deductions for politicans (did you know they get to take that & grooming costs off as a 'business expense'? can you imagine what the IRS would do if you did that?)
  9. stop doing business with corporations who 'farm out' their customer service jobs to foriegn countries (ever try to get a local person for a utility company? your stuck with them too - only one gas/electric company for most states!)
  10. politicans must PERSONALLY live 8months in the state in which they represent - how many of those politicans have a 'home' in their state but spend most of their time in DC or vactioning in some other state?
  11. the President gets 4 weeks of vacation a year, but no more than 7 consecutive days may be taken at a time and there must be no less than 3 months between vacations.
  12. time taken for campaigning for themselves or others, counts against vacation time!
  13. since the positions were meant to be 'part time' jobs ... members of congress should not get vacation time! and they must show employment in another area!
  14. politicans MUST do community service as part of their jobs -- hey, if its good enough for the Scouts - it should be good enough for them! And I'm not talking about gong to some fancy fundraiser, they have to actually get their hands dirty!

What would you like to see happen to save money for the government?? Or what do you think the President has in mind?

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