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Friday, June 04, 2010

RECALL: McDonalds Glasses

McDonald's Pulls 12M Toxic 'Shrek' Glasses - Health News Current Health News Medical News -

Yes - 12 million "Shrek" glasses have been recalled because they tested positive for Cadmium ... that's a metal which is used to 'pop' colors such as red & yellow, and white ... it has been used for years/decades/eons by artists for this purpose ... but, like lead, it has been found to have some health risks.

Cadmium is a carcinagen and can cause issues with the kidneys & liver .... but while the glasses may not contain enough to harm a grown adult, the concern is that these glasses are more likely to be used by kids who need so much less of a dose before they are affected.

So McDonald's has decided to err on the side of caution and put out a statement to new agencies asking that people stop using the glasses at once! Fearing that the cadmium coud be absorbed thru the children's skin, or sit on the skin then ingested as the kids touch their food or put their fingers in their mouths.

Hey total Props for McDonalds!!!!

It doesn't sound like the FDA or anyone else went to them and forced them to do this ... it sounds like McDonald's got the test results from somewhere and went "oops, we gotta do something" instead of taking a 'wait and see" approach as so many businesses would do.

Of course here' s my feeling ---

If you have a full set of these glasses ....

package them up, put them in the attic, in the safe deposit box (don't know how big those suckers are), whatever you do with your valuables and HOLD ON TO THEM for a few years.

You wait and see, by the time your grandkids or greatgrandkids get a hold of them they are going to be worth something beyond whatever their regular value would be .... because there won't be that many of them left!

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