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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Cost of an Education - Los Angeles Students to Be Taught That Arizona Immigration Law Is Un-American
The school board voted unanimously on Tuesday to “express outrage” and “condemnation” of the law, and it called on the school superintendent to look into curtailing economic support to the Grand Canyon State. About 73 percent of the students in the school district are Latino.
What the heck??? Over step your boundries much?

I don't care if 5% of your students come from Andromeda 5 - as a school board your powers are limited to that which is bound to the running of the school & its properties ... you do not get to make formal proclamations over your personal feelings about a law that doesn't even effect your school district just because you feel the need to brown nose it.

They should be worried about the over 50% drop out rates ... they should be worried more about their budget short comings ... they should be worried about how they are going to pay for utilities next year ...
or teen pregnancies ... or their school lunch programs ...

but no - apparently the law of another state has more meaning for them.

Vote them all out next year and start from scratch!

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