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Monday, June 21, 2010

The View: Double Standards

So this week (and last) there are guys helping to host The View .... and Joy I think has met her match ... the guy from "Gary unMarried" was on today and he was really giving Joy the business. I actually saw Miss Democrat-Agenda taken aback ... and as an added bonus, when Elizabeth saw him able to handle her, she was able to stand up for herself - at least a little bit.

(1) he got to point out how OLD Joy is ... LOL ... very funny
(2) apparently, in Joy & Shari's minds, while its NOT okay for the BP guy to be in a Yacht race on Father's day weekend - it is perfectly fine for Obama to go golfing. Actually for this one, Elizabeth felt that both were alright to have done something on Fathers Day, but that the 8 (yes-EIGHT) rounds of golf that the President played between the spill & Father's Day was a problem.

In fact this was a huge issue .... Shari felt that since he is a physically fit guy, it was okay for him to do it to keep in shape (don't get that) ... and Joy's response - and it was typical Joy Behar - was that its okay for Obama to play golf, he just shouldn't do it where he can be seen (in fact she said he should take a page from Geo.WBush's book after he got caught ONCE by Michael Moore - one her best buds).


(3) Joy is confident that the Democrats are going to lose the fall elections -- otherwise why would she have been so adamit about making sure people don't vote for them in the fall? Why they would allow her to get away with this crap is beyond me -- they would never let ELIZABETH do it ... they usually run over her words or cut off her mic for that little bit.

(4) there are a lot of "As Seen On TV" products that were developed by men to help women improve there sex-skills ... JOKING!!!

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