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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The View: On Prayer

I can't believe I'm about to do this ... but I have to stick up for Joy Behar.

Today they were talking about Julia Gullaughable's statements about prayer ... or rather the President's call for people to pray for the Gulf Coast ... on Joy's other program (lets face it, the only opinion that ever gets heard on The View is Joy's really) ...

The conversation had turned to whether Julia had meant for it to sound like she meant 'if you pray, you aren't smart' ... although knowing her and her statements of the past, she could have, but I will give her the benefit of the doubt here.

Joy said "When prayer takes the place of logical thinking then I think its dangerous"

Elisabeth shot back "prayers not illogical"

Joy buried herself with "it takes the place of thinking"

"no it doesn't" Elisabeth countered with a followup "that is a completely bigotted statement to say that when I'm praying I'm not thinking"

Well now - Joy original statement about Prayerr not taking the place of logical thinking I have no problem with - in fact I agree with it. Prayer can not fix an illness and its not going to help much in solving the issue in the Gulf, at least not directly.

It may help to pray for inspiration for them to find a way to fix the leak -- but then wouldn't it be amazing if God did show up to fix it? what would people do?

But lets face it -- prayer, on the general, is done by the masses in times of panic/worry/desperation ... so yeah - at THAT point it does tend to lead to a pause in 'logical' thinking .... logical being thinking of the problem and only the problem and its solutions.

man --

that leaves a terrible taste in my mouth.

((Joy should NOT be allowed to plug her other show though in my opinion! I have to wonder if Elisabeth got a gig on Fox News, if they would let her do it)

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