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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Obama Time


Man - does this guy ever work more than 3 days in a row?

Obama Heads North, Not South for Weekend Vacation « Row 2, Seat 4: "When President Obama sat among local officials at a snack bar in Pensacola, Florida last month, he emphasized that the Sunshine State's beaches were 'open for business' and vowed to do everything his administration could to help those in the region. Well, maybe not everything. When the president and his family go away later this week for a mini-vacation, they'll be traveling almost 2,000 miles away from the oil spill, escaping the heat in Washington for the cooler weather up north at Mount Desert Island, Maine." The main focus of the story was that if the President was going to take a vacation he should be doing it down where they are being effected by the oil spill ...

They skim over the fact that this is the THIRD vacation in 80 days!!!

Either they need to stop calling these things "vacations" or the President needs to keep his @ss in DC and - oh I don't know - FIX SOME SHIT!

You have to wonder if Obama isn't taking all these vacations, at tax payers expense (not just flight/secret service, but also for staffing & sweeping of staff at the property ... people to go out and sweep ahead of his arrival ... vetting sites ... etc - and then there's the stuff that goes on after he leaves, if you think once he goes that's the end your wrong) -- oops slipped away there -- if he isn't taking them as "extra compensation" for the loss of income from when he was a Senator ... or else he is just so used to all those 'breaks' that the congress takes that he just can't get his mind wrapped around having an actual FULL TIME (plus) JOB ... he seems to hate over-time.

You just know Reagan and Nixon are rolling in their graves over this one ....

Could you imagine the fodder that the press would have had if this were going on during the administrations of Ford, or Eisenhower, or Kennedy?

Bush got raked royally for his breaks to go down to Crawford Tx - to his home - on weekends ...

where is the outrage from the media over Obama's absence??? Other than Fox News, you really don't hear about it at all.

I ran across this link on a story looking at Bush's vacation record compared to other Presidents on the History News Network ... here are some facts which they had posted:
  • James Madison took a 4 month long vacation - normally his lasted only 3 months long
  • John Adams stayed at his home for 7 months when his wife, Abigail, took ill
  • Thomas Jefferson, mid-july to october he was away from his presidential seat
  • Chester Arthur traveled most of his last year in office (but he was trying to hide the fact that he had a fatal illness)
  • Grover Cleveland used his first vacation to have a secret operation on a yacht - to remove a cancerous tumor!
  • Bill Clinton used polls to pick his vacation spots (they say it only happened once, but I don't know)
  • Ronald Reagan spent 335 days over 8 yrs at his CA ranch == that's an average of 41days/yr
  • Jimmy Carter only took 80 days vacation during his whole 4-yr term!
Or I wonder if they are trying to keep the President moving so that they can't track him down for the Blago trial ... although my understanding is that he can't be compelled to testify while he is in office.

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