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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Numerology Class

{first let me quantify this by saying that Fox News giving out two seperate stats for the same poll numbers; while close, when taking into accocunt the MOE it makes a big difference}

Does President Obama Make the Right Decisions?
58% Lack Confidence
Washington Post/ABC News poll
July 7-11, 2010
+/- 3.5% points
6 out of 10 people Lack Confidence that he will make a decision that's best for the country.
analysists think this is linked to increased government spending/lack of true job creation/lack of response to the BP situation/apparent lack of focus of Washington DC ... and the President is like the quarterback of a team - he's going to get blamed for everything. {just look at all the crap Bush gets blamed for that was really Pelosi/Reed}
==================================== ================
Which best reflects you opinion on the U.S. Economy?
14% Economy Faltering
13% On Solid Ground
71% Feels Like Recession
Bloomberg National poll
1,004 US adults
July 9-12; MOE +/- 3.1
So the real question is: do people know the difference between "Inflation"/"Recession"/"Depression" ... if not, this would explain the huge clump in the poll - people aren't truly understanding what's happening.
================================= ========================
US Unemployment
9,5% June 2010 (remember this is based on #1st filers vs. people still working)
14.6 million were counted as 'unemployed' (FT workers "actively' looking for jobs thru UE sites)
Non-Farm Payroll employment fell by 125,000 (why do they specify 'nonfarm' I wonder?)
US Debt (CBO)
62% of GDP by end of 2010
Interest payments of the Nat. Debt will rise to 4% of the GDP (2010)
Congressional Employee Settlements (office of compliance)
$1million/yr over last 14 yrs to settle (harrassed/mistreated)

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