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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Things that make you go ... No DUH!

Alright - you all know it isn't often I disagree with Fox News but I've got to say they pulled a bone-head move this time.

In Feb a woman went to a NJ hospital for chest pains ... they wanted to do an EKG ... so she asked for a femaie doctor to do the exam because she was Muslim and she could not be examined by a male doctor ...

they waited 5 hours and still no female doctor showed up ... so her husband took her to Mt. Sinai hospital in NY and she was seen right away.

yes they are sueing ... can't blame them at all!

The Fox anchors made the following remarks:

"I don't know if any of you have been in an emergency room, but sometimes care
does not come immenately" {Gretchen}
{she meant 'immediately'}

"you have to wait for some time, so this will go to court and it will bring up
this whole thing long should they wait for special requests when it
comes to religion?"{Gretchen}

"you make a tactical decision if you put your health secondary to your religion - if some one is willing to treat you ... you came to them ... you better go there when you are asked or go to the back of the line" [yeah, that was Brian]

"In today's day & age, you can not say 'oh wait a second we got to go wake up a Muslim dr in order to treat you in accordance to your religion" -- WHOA, Brian

... she didn't ask for a "Muslim dr" she asked for a female dr - and in "this day & age" they really aren't that tough to find - DUH

Here's my feeling -- what would they have done had she been a rape victim? Do you really think it would have been 5 hours before they got a female dr to her?

You can't tell me that in 5 hours they couldn't find a single female dr in the state of NJ with hospital rights to come in to do her exam!!!!

Some one dropped the ball here ... religion or not.

oh the Somerset Med Center put out a response too:
"We recognize how important it is for our patients to be able to continue to
practice their faith and cultural traditions, especially when they or a loved
one are coping with a health issue. We strive to accommodate our patients'
religious beliefs and cultural custons, such as providing areas for prayer."
Ok - we are not talking about an area for care ...
we are talking about having a female dr on call/staff/rounds who can do the exams necessary when needed by other females who for one reason or another can not - or prefer not - to have a male dr do so.

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