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Friday, July 02, 2010

What is WRONG with People????

I will admit that when I heard that they were changing Wonder Woman's costume I thought, okay - maybe they are going to cover her up a little more ... and in the third season of the TV series they did come up with several new costumes for her -- scuba gear

skateboard gear

I even found a clip of her in a special "Cowgirl" outfit (Roy Rogers felt it was inapproprate for her to be running around in a bathing suit, so they designed it special so he would appear)

I think she had some space gear too I think -- so I wasn't to upset.

Until I saw the photo!!

When I first saw it I thought 'oh my gosh - she's a raven haired Rogue!" ... Rogue being a character from the Xmen for those who don't know ...

Actually she looks like a cross between Rogue & Jubilee ... and there isn't the usual Red/White/Blue to her costume ... even though DC claims that many of the symbols from the costume are still present ... where????

Well it was no surprise to me to learn that the man put in charge of Wonder Woman is ... a former artist for the Xmen comics -- no duh!

I think it was less an "update" and more due to an artists inability to step outside of his comfort zone.

And Wonder Woman has less of a "Woman" look to her and more of a pissed off teenager.

What may I ask is so wrong with having Wonder Woman look 25-45 yrs old? okay maybe 50, these days?

Why does she have to have one of those totally mythical 12inch waistlines while sporting her 32DD breasts around the place? She looks like she is maybe a step away from becoming the new Stripperella.

Now lets not blame all this out-spokeness from fans as being upset about the change ... we've dealt with change ...

we've dealt with the softening of the character from her very dominatrix beginnings ... we've dealt with a blonde Wonder Woman when she was played by Cathy Lee Crosby ... we even handled a Saturday morning cartoon version where she looked about 40 yrs old, and having a 'thing' for both Superman & Batman and much more matronly than her past incarnations It is more about taking the image which has endured so many reincarnations -- and trashing it because the artists seem to have their own issues with Americana or Political Correctness.

Surely you can't say that the Wonder Women we have seen since the 70's have been USA-concentric ... she has had a VERY global view on things but has still been able to "represent" her loyalty to the USA.

It will be interesting to see what other changes they will make -- they are talking about making a Wonder Woman movie ... in the vien of "Spiderman" & "Iron Man" ... DC will be taking a bite out of Marvels, thus far, live-action monopoly.

I'm guessing .... she will be very anti-Republican ... Uber-feminist ... it wouldn't even surprise me if they get rid of Lee Trevors all together or make "Lee" a girl and have Diana Prince be gay.
I'm sorry -- but she has NEVER been written that way.

BTW - many .... and I'm surprised by how many ... have never seen Cathy Lee Crosby as Wonder Woman, so here is a link to the first of 8 parts of the movie ... check it out - she's actually quite good (although remember that the script/dialogue was written in the 70's)

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