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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Numerology Class

27% Drop
Number of previously-owned houses sold last month
Twice the drop that was expected
1 out of 5
number of previously-owned home sales in July
that were Forced sales - that is Foreclosure sales
12% Down
New Home Sales for the month of July
Lowest pace of sales since 1963
expected rise in Beef prices
caused by people not buying as much in the recession - and at $8 lb who can blame them!
lawsuit filed by Utah man
its a land dispute case .... don't think he will get it though
amount of currency in circulation around the world
10 days
Traffic Jam in China
and its not done yet - on several roads leading into Beijing
Geez, and you thought OUR traffic was bad ... even L.A. at "rush hours" isn't this bad ...
yeah I know I wrote 'hours' ... have you ever seen the traffic in Los Angeles???
5 years
legnth of time between special committee meetings in Bell, CA
but members were still paid for being on these committees, more than $1500 per month
average income in Bell, CA for residents
base salary for City Manager of Bell, CA
(think this could be a repeated posting, but it links to the posting above)
45 days
number of days in advance that soldiers are supposed to get their absentee ballots
this includes electronic voting as well
(more on this in another posting)
51% Object to plan to build Mosque near "Ground Zero"
34% Should be allowed
15% No opinion/Don't know
Pew Research
Aug 19-22, 2010
1003 adults
MOE +/- 4%
(personally, my issue isn't the fact that they want to put a religious temple in - its that in order to do it, they want to tear down a 150 yr building with historical significance ... which isn't an option on this poll apparently)

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