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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Arizona: The new "Gore vs Bush" - Miss Mexico Crowned 2010 Miss Universe

I do not want to take anything away from Miss Mexico ... I did not watch the show last night - sorry we were dealing with stuff, like real-life - so I don't know if it was a case of the Q&A turning the vote or not ....

like it did for the Miss America & Miss USA pagents appear to have been ...

The winner of the Miss USA pagent went to this contest -- contriversial in its own right when the contestant who was ahead until she answered a question about the Arizona law, stating that she was a strong believer in states rights, while the split screen showed the reaction from one of the judges who was of hispanic decent .... then suddenly she was passed by and came in as 1st runner up.

I have not heard how well Miss Mexico had done -- perhaps she was the forerunner all along .... perhaps she eeked up when she answered her question about "Kids & the Internet" stating that family values were important ... she worked it together quite well (without falling back on "and world peace") ...

But you have to wonder if politics isn't paying some part in her winning ....

Venezuela has won twice in a row... she didn't even make the first cut ... neither did Miss USA

Miss Congeniality went to the third place winner (2nd runner up) Miss Australia ... imagine the movie with Nicole Kidman in the part - interesting ...

Second runner up was Miss Jamaica.

I do find it interesting that brunettes seem to be dominating the beauty contests lately ... although they all still have stick arms and these huge honkers that have got to be fake fake fake .... so the message of body-image is still there.

Wouldn't you love to see a beauty contest that just used average ladies? Even the Mrs. USA contest has women who have had so much plastic surgery done that when they blink their socks get pulled up.

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