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Monday, August 09, 2010

Obama Time

But this time it is Michelle that comes under fire ....

yeah I know -- she isn't "elected" but that just makes this vacation of hers that much worse.

Here's the story:

about 18months ago (hmmm, just before the inauguration) she was invited to go on a trip to Spain with some friends and their daughters .... and apparently she said "yes" ...

perhaps she thought that the economy was going to get better ...

perhaps she got caught up in her husband's water-wake ....

whatever the reason, she set things up to go.

Now ---

the nation is sitting at 9.5% unemployment
we are at something like 60% of our GNP ... that means we are quickly going the way of Greece ...
the Presidents approval rating is at -10 (the difference between those who like him & those who dont)
The Senate & the House have both had to be called back for a "Special Summer Session" to pass more laws to pump money into states so that they could pay for basic public services. (that's another post of its own)

And let's not forget that this is also the President that says we all need to tighten our belts ...
that we have to raise the taxes on the rich because they don't pay enough ...
that he is "just another dad" ... that Michelle is "just another mom" ...
that they are trying to keep the life for the girls as "normal" as possible ...


Yes - my understanding is that the First Family paid for the hotel & ammenities themselves -- but the taxpayer footed the bill for the AIRFLIGHT & SECURITY.

Lets remember that this is not just any group of people going over there. This is the First Lady and one of the First Daughter's ... they don't go anyplace without their little group of Secret Service personale -- all 20 or so of them (maybe more, I'm not sure)

And I'm wondering who all went on this plane paid for by the US taxpayer --- was it just MO/SO/secServ? or were all the other parents on there with their girls too??? If that is the case then each of them should have to pay the government back for their share of the flight.

AND - and I think this is probably the part that amazes me - this President & his family are advocates of Global Warming/Climate Change .... they are pushing for people to "reduce their carbon foot print" all over the place ...

the Democratic party is the one pushing for Cap & Trade legislation!!!

Yet this President/First Lady/Vice-President/Second Lady are CONSTANTLY flying from one place to another ... they go places and require 10 or 15 SUVs to carry everyone ... SUVs which get maybe 15miles/gallon! Actually they probably get worse mileage than that because of all the armor plating - c'mon, you didn't think they were Suburbans that they get just off any dealer lot, did you?

It is a typical "do as I say, not as I do" moment ...

its just lasting, oh, 4 yrs!!!

But to try to say that this vacation was a "once in a lifetime learning experience" for Sasha -- hello -- can we hide behind our kids any more????

First -- Sasha is like, what, 10? she has a LOT of lifetime left - you don't know if this is going to be the only time she can go.

Second -- Michelle is First lady ... I'm sure she could go anytime she wanted to ... before/during/after she gets out of her role.

Third -- while she was not 'elected' , nor does she get 'paid' (although her husband makes enough for both of them ... $400,000/yr) .... she still has duties here in the states to perform ... the First Lady has her own little projects that she battles for ... she has her own agendas & causes that she tries to get funding for from Congress.

Do Not think that being First Lady is all dinner parties and High Teas ...

and to this effort -- this makes her a politican and open to critism.

Just like Nancy Reagan got scrutinized for her wardrobe and psychic readings ....
Just like Betty Ford got ripped to shreds over her addictions ....
Just like Jackie-O got in trouble for her haute-corture ....

the First Lady is the "look" of our nation ... she is the World Embassador .... she is the face that people think of when they want to think of the more tender side of the USA.

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