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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Stimulus package

Added - projects the stimulus money was used on
Updated - actual cost of projects
okay - so here are some of the things the "stimulus" money has gone for ... in case your wondering, remember that this money was supposed to be used for creating or saving jobs:
100 projects with questionable goals (as determined by a study), which included:

  • $2.4 Million for New Buses in Florida town (average riders? 2-4 passengers/ride)
  • $59,000 Study of Colonial lawsuits in the Spanish Empire
  • $184,000 to Study voter perceptions
  • $677,000 to study monkey & chimp responses to inequity (a "fairness" study)
  • $713,000 the invention of a Joke Machine (no, really)
  • $141,000 for field trip to China to study a dinosaur egg
  • $100-200,000 for LA gang tattoo removal
  • $363,000 to promote the positive impact of the Stimulus package (yes, they used the money to promote the program the money was coming from -- but what do you expect from people who get to decide what their raise will be each year?)
  • $700,000 to promote Obama-care
  • $760 000 to study improvised music at Georgia Tech
  • $144,541 Study on monkeys getting high on cocaine (why?????)
  • $1.9 million to travel to ot. her countries to study & capture ants (yes another experiment that takes a creature from one enviroment to another)
  • $300,000 to study the "effectiveness of yoga" on hot flashes (as in menopause)
  • $750,000 for a computerized choreography program at UNC (so they put how many choreographers out of work?) ... name of program is "Dance Draw"
  • $308Million given to company owned by BP (and they gave Cheney a hard time over Halliburton?)
  • $500,000 to replace windows at the Forest Service Visitors Center at Mt. St. Helens - which was closed since 2007
  • $90,000 to replace a 5 year old sidewalk (only 5 yrs old? geez) ... length: 1/4 mile (or 440 yds - about a city block)

wonder if our city could get funds to pave our roads & put in sidewalks/curbs without having to add that cost to our property taxes?

nice to know they are spending our money so much better than we ever could, huh?

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