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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Things that make you go "HMMM"

According to Treasure Secetary Geithner the new health care reform has helped Medicare ... the HI (hospital insurance trust fund) will be solvent (it will have money in the acct) until 2029, a 12 yr gain. ~~but I don't know if I trust him ... (a)he didn't look happy about making the statement, (b)he was reading the speech word-for-word, (c)he didn't look very often at the camera.

But according to the Trustees of the fund:
This is of course assuming $200billion in savings for 'productivity gain' - which they admit is far from certain.
they also predict that the cost of Medicare is likely to be higher than predicted and that the health care law is just to vague to make any real conclusions about things.
the only way this balanced on paper for the Health Care bill was for there to be a $575billion cut to Medicare (for all the new spending) ....

and the CBO is saying that these savings are based on spending the same money twice (saying they are going to use the money for both the health benefit & medicare

Nor does it take into acct. dr fees which will be passed on to the reg. customer by drs who treat elderly patients -- they are going to get a 32% slash to their income of the next 3 yrs!!!

HHS Secetary Kathleen Sebelius has even said the quickest way to destroy the Medicare program is to drive the physicians away from it by not paying them enough.
So basically:
on paper the idea looks good ... but in reality, it will more than likely be horrid.
this reminds me of the time when I was a kid (maybe 7 or 8) and I thought how much easier things would be in the US if we had a monarchy ... you know? We wouldn't have to spend money on elections .... we would have one person passing the laws so there would be no reason for policital parties ... my television shows wouldn't be interrupted by a bunch of political ads & campaigns ....

but as I grew up .... I realized that competition makes the country grow and this is true even with politics.

My mother used to say "how boring it would be if everyone thought like me" ... and that is sooooooooooooo true!

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