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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Economic Education

Obama's Job Approval
46% Approve
52% Disapprove
ABC/Washinton Post poll
(ampling/error info on
Obama's Economic Program
33% Made Economy Worse
30% Made Economy Better (Improved it)
37% Made little to no difference/no opinion
ABC/Washington Post Poll
(sampling/error info on
Next Economic package:
$50 Billion for Transportation projects (mostly airlines -- its just a fancy package for another airline bailout) ... and mostly union jobs - not the majority of unemployeed people
$200 Billion tax right off for new investments for Businesses and Corporations (what does that mean? they get to buy stock?) ... generally for those who have union workers.
"We don't need more government 'stimulus' spending - we need to end Washington Democrats' out-of-control spending spree ..."  Mark Boehner
(I know its pronounced 'bay-ner' but I have a feeling the original pronounciation was 'boner')
Dissatisfaction with a Democratic controlled government at the highest in 18 yrs ....
last time this happened ....
Clinton was in office ....
and the Republicans came up with that stupid "Contract with America" business that got them in control of Congress ...
but that is the best way to go ....
having both parties in control of at least one branch of the legislature, not both!
I think part of Obama's problem as well is that he likened himself during the election as the new Roosevelt ... the new Lincoln ... the new Kennedy ...
and so far he's been the new Hoover!
Not President Hoover -- the vacuum Hoover ...

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