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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Some ladies are going to feel that this is a 'betrayal' of some sort ... but let me state this ...

there is a certain point where this Mexican female sport reporter has to take RESPONSIBILITY for what happened ....

Those were not jeans ... those were a Butt-Bra. 

she was just on Fox News -- and this woman had her shirt unbuttoned passed the top of her bra  and made sure that she turned so her boobs were showing well -- and I'm sure she would have seen that as 'dressed appropriately' too ...

yeah - so did the woman who showed up at the 7-11 wearing just a thong and whipped cream ... oh and a hat.  "Nothing" showed on her either, but it was still indecent ....

Look ...

If you are going to put out an advertisement, sooner or later some one is going to answer it.
you'll find it at 2:06 in the film ... there's a way to play with the html to have it start there, I just haven't figured it out

This doesn't excuse the men from what they did -- but all they did (this time) according to her interview was give her cat calls & whistles, and it embarrassed her -- BUT I think its time that she gets recognized for her part in things as well.

Oh and about the balls being thrown her way during practice ... I've seen some of the footage ...
I had the feeling it was more with the fact that it was for the foreign CAMERA more than it was for her ... the guys just wanted to get on international TV.

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