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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Numerology Class

Bush Tax Cut Facts
new top tax rate
if Bush tax cuts allowed to expire
up from 35%
new bottom tax rate
if Bush tax cuts allowed to expireif
up from 10%
0.6 - 1.7
raise in GDP, percentage point-wise
if tax cuts EXTENDED
(from CBO)
$1.07 Trillion
20ll Deficit
if ALL tax cuts expired
not so sure about that deficit number ... I think it was supposed to be the drop in the deficit, but that doesn't make sense either.  I don't know how it could drop it by that much unless you are raising taxes on EVERY SINGLE person ... and I can't see how it could drop TO that much, unless they are dropping down (drastically) the group that would get that higher tax rate ... far below the Presidents purposed $250,000/family cut-off point.

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