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Monday, September 20, 2010

First Amendment Rights

Normally when you think "First Amendment" you think of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, etc.  but it also covers Freedom of Religion ...
and I know that I've harped on discrimination of witches before ... and that witch-craft isn't really a religion as much as it is a life-style -- BUT there is a politician in Delaware who is being 'raked over the coals' because she once participated with witch-craft.

This all started with a clip of "Politically Incorrect" from 1999 which was released by Bill Maher -- don't know what his motivation was, but the timing is suspect --

"I dabbled into witchcraft, I never joined a coven.  But I did, I did ... I dabbled into witchcraft.  one of my first dates with a witch was on a Satanic alter and I didn't know it.  I hung around people who ere doing these things."
October 1999, Politically Incorrect
Christine O'Donnell (R-DE)
Because of the release of the clip, she felt the great need to go around DE thiss weekend and 'smooth over' any association that she might have to witch-craft ...
"That witchcraft comment on Bill Maher - I was in high school, how many of you didn't hang out with questionable fok in high school?  But - no - there's been no witchcraft since, if there was, Carl Rove would be a supporter now."
Christine O'Donnell (R-DE)
speaking engagement, 19Sept2010
I do not know enough about this woman to make any deep comments but here is what I do know:

she is being lambasted on Fox News by Dick Harpootlian (Fmr. SC Democratic Party Chair) - who called her "a self-professed Wiccan - a Witch!" ... sorry, those are NOT interchangeable terms ... he also got on her case because since high school (his timeline, not mine) she went on to describe Masterbation as Adultary ...

     Mr. Harpootlian, this is not uncommon for some of the Born-Again Christian groups to do ... I used to work with a woman who's religious group believed that just watching a movie of a sexual nature (such as "Dirty Dancing") was the same as having committed adultery ... to make fun of her, or disqualify her, based on her religous/moral beliefs is a violation of the the 1st amendment!
On "The View" Miss Super-Liberal Joy Behar made a comment that because O'Donnell dabbled in witchcraft it showed how crazy this woman is --- WHAT????  I don't remember hearing anything about O'Donnell claiming to have raised a demon, speaking to spirits, or doing anything that most uneducated (cough, Joy, cough) people would associate with 'craziness'.
Elizabeth Hasselbeck pointed out that the same people who are condemning O'Donnell for what she did in high school are the same people who said that President Obama shouldn't be held accountable for going to a church for 20 yrs that had a preacher who touted hatred & other questionable matters from the pulpit!  A semi-valid point, a little off the mark, but mostly on ... it was the outside yellow ring on the target.
Joy then joked that O'Donnell was a "witch who doesn't masterbate & doesn't have pre-marittal sex" ... as if witches all do these things ... um ... NO ... but I do have a comment about the 'pre-marital sex' part.

If O'Donnell had a 'date' on an alter - Satanic or not - it was more than likely for the Great Rite ... aka sex ... I know its more than that, but in high school - it would have been a way for a guy to get sex because chances are his whole coven wasn't there otherwise she would have known what was going on.  not so sure about this part of O'Donnell's claim.
Barack Obama smoking a cigarette
 which he purposelly held
to look like a joint
Back to "The View"...
Shari piped into the conversation that she doesn't believe that what you do in high school should be used against you s an adult .... hmmm .... you thinking that she either did something she doesn't want coming back after her ... or  does she know someone who shouldn't be held responsible for a photo they had taken in high school of something that he tried to defuse before it actually hit the media ???  hmmm.

Then Joy went on -- "dabbling is not an acceptable word when you are into witchcraft and satanism (then the gals all chatted over each other) she did do a satanic ritual at an altar"
Yes you can 'dabble' ... just like you can 'dabble' in different hobbies, majors in college, religious groups, etc. ... dabble just means that you didn't completely commit to it ... I don't think she 'dabbled' as much as she was just trying to get together with a boy ... she just 'fluffy bunnied' it, that's all.
PLUS - there is no evidence that she actually did any sort of ritual on any sort of altar ... as I said above ... if she were going to be doing anything, it would have been the Great Rite and she would have to know what was going on ... that isn't something that you can just have happen - it takes some planning.

oh comments like this just scorch my cauldron!  LOL

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