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Friday, September 17, 2010

Stimulus package

And they are talking about doing yet another one ... to "stimulate" the economy ... yeah, right ... how about we fix the crap that's going on with the last one first ....

L.A. Stimulus Money
$111 Total Funds Awarded
55 Jobs "saved" or created
L.A. Pubilc Works Department
$70 Million of the funds
Saved: 7 jobs
Created: 7 private sector jobs
Cost each: $1.5 million
L.A. Transportation Department
$40 Million of the funds
Created/Saved: 9 jobs
Cost each: $4.4 Million
  • 7 highway projects which were supposed to be 'shovel ready' actually didn't even go out for bidding until several months after they were approved.
  • Projects were given to city workers instead of the Private Sector like the money was supposed to be used for
  • Funds were 'lost' once in the Department coffers, were not kept seperate
  • Departments did not track jobs "created" or "saved" until after audit began
But dont worry --- according to the Government ... LA still gets a "B-" for their fiscal responsibility!

And THIS is what is wrong with our economy ....

You know it didn't really take no $1million for those jobs .... WHERE did the money really go?

Anytime that more than 25cent of a dollar goes to administration costs -- its TOO MUCH being slipped thru the 'cracks' ....

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