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Monday, September 13, 2010


American Football, y''all.

what an interesting week for the new season ...

first the home team ... Vikings managed to win second place, while New Orleans only earn next to last place in our competition.  I did see the officials seemingly to rule for the 'home' team more than the visitors ...there was a blatant spiking of the MNQB & a few Pass Interferences that should have been called but weren't ... the only face-mask call I saw on NO, was called when there was an off-setting call on MN -- sorry but if the refs don't set up and call the penelties the players will try to enforce the rules on the other team ... just like in hockey (nothing quite like a hockey game when the refs refuse to get involved - mayham).  It was an okay game -- my eldest son yelled a lot ... he was watching the regular tv & we were watching the HD cable so he would start yelling about 7seconds before we saw what happened - so we closed the door to the room he was in and we could STILL hear him.
Moving on to other news now ....

Patriots vs. Randy Moss:  okay so I ran acrossed a clip on of a post-game press conference with RM.  Not un-usual that he feels he is being under appreciated (read that as "not paying him enough") and there has been rumors that he has been holding back (gee, we in MN never saw any of that ... sarcasm sign here) hoping to be traded. 
This really doesn't surprise me - he's a great reciever ... at least he was when he worked here ... but he has kind of a crappy attitude - he's good and he knows it, and he feels everyone else should think he's even better -- but then that could just come with the industry - or maybe its just a MN thing where we charish modesty of one's accomplishments.
By the sounds of it, he figures that if they can pay the QB $20million - they can afford to give him $10million. 
But the thing that shocked me was his stats for the day:
5 receptions ... ok, so he's not the main 'go to guy' any more ... but it was for a total of 59 yds!  WOW -- I remember when he was averaging 75yds a game, and one year he avg over 100 yds/game ... he tore up the field ... now he is avg. 11 yds a catch?? WTF? 
Gee, don't know why they think he is holding back? {sarcasm sign here}

Note: my some the big football fan, see above, says that avg 10 yds a carry is really good, that means everytime he gets the ball he'd make a 1st down ... I'm not arguing that - I'm just saying that he used to be able to do soooo much more ... granted he was still in his 20's but still.
Det. Lions vs. Bears -- how sad ... the rule was mis-applied if you ask me.  The new rule basically says that if you are 'going to ground' that if you lose 'control' of the ball that you have until immediately after the bounce on the ground to get control of the ball again.  Basically - if you land one foot on the ground, or no foot, and are falling, IF along the way to the ground the ball is 'bobbled' or not held completely tight but not enough for the other team to get it or for it to bounce away, you have until you body stops motion to get control of that ball, to hold it tight.
BUT that's not what happened here --

The Lions reciever landed with BOTH FEET planted within the Endzone and he had control of the ball, no question there -- but after his second foot touched flat to the ground, momentum kept him going ... he had an arm out to keep the opponent away, but that doesn't matter.  HE HAD TWO FEET ON THE GROUND IN THE END ZONE and ONE HANDED CONTOL of that ball -- that should be a touch-down. 
But apparently they don't consider the play done until everyone is done moving ... I don't think that's right though ... I think the ruling was misapplied and the coach should have challenged if he could ... to me once both feet were planted, the play was complete.

Of course ... I reserve the right to re-interprete this rule when it works in my favorite teams favor
Titans game .... they are all a buzz with it on tv today about how some mascot for the Titans 'ate' one of the cheerleaders for the opposing team ... and it looks really cool (couldn't find one to share on here from that game) ... they were acting like this was some original idea - but I found a video on Youtube that shows the same thing, or very simular, happening 2 years ago.  And to tell the truth I like the ending of this one much better --

Hee hee, there are a lot more on there too ... I will post one with a coach being swallowed for the Monday Movie ... hee hee

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