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Friday, September 10, 2010

Mirror, Mirror On Their Wall …

Anything To STAY thin

73% would go without TV/cell phone/computer for flat tummy

20% would rather shed 10 – 20 pounds than get promoted at work

52% of women would rather go without sex all summer, than gain 10 pounds

Nutrisystem Diet Index

(okay – consider the source here … they are trying their damnedest to sell their weight loss system)

MY thoughts:

  1. if you would rather give up sex than gain weight – you ain't having good sex anyways … or any sex really – sorry, but you know that's true
  2. more than likely these are women who don't really want to get promoted anyways – the real answer would be "would you rather shed 10-20 lbs or get a raise" not a promotion – which generally means much more responsibility or work, instead of same job/more money … women would go for the frickin' money –trust me, especially if it didn't increase the amount of taxes taken out
  3. they might say they would go without the TV/cellphone/computer – but if that were the case, they probably wouldn't be overweight to begin with – they'd be out doing crap!
  4. schools are not helping the matter – all they are doing is perpetuating the issue (see below)

the one thing that they will never tell you – our bodies are not designed to have a flat tummy … if you've ever seen the way kids bodies developed you would notice that before they grow up, they grow out in the tummy area. It happens in babies, in toddlers, in elementary school kids, and generally in teenagers going into high school.

I go thru this all the time with my kids – the boys put it into height, the girls into that womanly body … LEAVE THEM ALONE.

Unless your kid is like 40 lbs over weight, it will all convert – their bodies really really need to have that stored fuel to work with.

Our local school system has started to require kids to do phy ed homework – not studying of rules or sports/games, muscle groups, or dietary issues – they have to fill in a 'fitness form' of physical activity they do outside of school ….

I wouldn't have an issue with this EXCEPT there are a lot of things they won't count …. organized sports only count for half-credit … if it takes less than 20 minutes, it doesn't count … if your heart beat doesn't reach 125beats/min, it doesn't count ….

Lets look at this:

  • walking would not count, when done correctly it is the BEST workout you can do and it won't raise your heart rate above 100 bpm
  • housework would not count – if you've done it, you know its hard work … it involves lifting/stretching – it's a full body workout
  • yoga would not count – it does not, or at least should not, raise your heart beat 125beats/min … and it is one of the haute things to do for fitness.
  • aerobic exercise is bad for the joints – it can also be very bad for the heart, especially in those who are over-weight, which this hopes to prevent
  • video games would not count – but they have never seen a kid just sit there … I know that the point behind the Wii is that you have to get off the couch to do the games … but every child I have ever seen play a game is jumping up & down and moving back & forth during their game – I've seen it in my kids, the neighbors' kids, the kids in walmart/target playing the demos – kids can't stay still while playing
  • chores wouldn't count … so taking out the garbage, picking up the dog-doo, cleaning the bathroom, etc wouldn't count because they take less than 20 min each to do … but it involves weight lifting, repetition, and

What started out as a money-making adventure has blown into a world wide movement … its horrible

They go after the oil companies – the computer companies – the tobacco industry – insurance companies …. but no one looks at the FITNESS industry.

Who is checking out their studies?? Who is looking to see if they are influencing the outcomes?

Unless a drug is involved, the government takes them at their word …

they have allowed the health industry decide what is best …

they are allowing discrimination based on weight, offering no civil rights protections ….

All I'm saying is ….

Don't take what they say on face value – do a little research yourself. Check things out …. and yes, even the little things count.

and no – I'm not just saying this now that I've put on weight …. I have felt this way from high school when that 'super fit' movement first hit … there are conclusions & assumptions, links & causalities being hooked up that are more like coincidences than actually truly linked.

what happened to just excepting people as they are?

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