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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Herrschners - CAUTION

Just wanted to put this out there for people who received the "Fall Yarn Sale" email from Herrschners --

Not all the prices are coming up as the sale price offered in the email ... Herrschners WILL straighten it out for you, but you have to catch it first.

I got the email and popped on over - the yarn I wanted (Red Heart Designer Sport) was already part of the weekly sale - but the fall sale was an even better price.  I popped over via the email and started putting yarn in my shopping cart and found the lower price was not showing in my cart.

I immediately wrote customer service and pointed out the issue, and they sent back a note saying that the lower prices would show up in the confirmation. OK - so I placed the order.

it didn't happen like that -- so I immediately wrote back customer service ... but must have written after they had closed.  I had also used my 'free shipping code' ... and because of the issues with the price, I thought I had qualified for the free shipping but it turned out that I was going to end up short ...

what a headache.

I called Herrschners this morning though and got a very nice gal who worked with me to make sure that after all the sale prices were applied that I would in fact be above the $35 minimum purchase to get the free shipping ...

BUT --

here's the way I am getting my sale prices ...
first they charge me the current prices ...
then once it hits the credit card (I suppose they want to make sure the funds are there) they will issue a REFUND to the card ...

on the plus side -- I will get nearly 1/2 off my order ... on the down side, I had to order more yarn than I had originally planned ... AND it hits the card first so there will be those few days of service charges until the refund hits up to 3 days later.

what a pain.

SO CHECK CHECK CHECK your invoices & confirmations

I love Herrschner's .... I order from them almost exclusively ... but their computer system is just driving me NUTS!

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