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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Double Standards

Anchor Baby [n.]= a child born on American soil for the purpose of (a) getting American citizenship and (b) guarantee that the mother of said child can stay in the country for a while.

14 States are drafting a plan to fight the 14th amendment, that which says that anyone born on US soil is an automatic US citizen ... it is their way of combatting illegal aliens ... but this will open up a new can of worms.

The states are:
  1. ID
  2. MT
  3. UT
  4. AZ
  5. NE
  6. OK
  7. TX
  8. MI
  9. IN
  10. MS
  11. AL
  12. PA
  13. NH
  14. DE

The 14th amendment (from my understanding) was created so that slaves in the US after the civil war would be afforded citizenship, especially as they did not have, for the most part, ties to any particular region of whichever country their ancestors (parents, grandparent, greatgrandparents, etc) came from  -- remember not all slaves came strictly from the African continent.

However -- this long standing has helped many immigrant families who came over on the boats from Europe thrive in the US ... why should we deny it to another group of people simply because now its us being affected?

No I really think this is a very bad move ... I think to change this would be to deny a part of our history that allowed our nation to grow.

Stop them at the borders, yes.  Allow the babies to stay in the US, yes.  Allow the mothers of the babies to stay, yes just like our forefathers & mothers did.

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