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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Economic Education

This is what happens when Unions feel they have friends in high places -- the union in NJ has made sure that they get the following:
  • Base salary: $73,459
  • bonus for working on your birthday
  • bonus for working on a holiday (well this is fairly normal really)
  • overtime for shoveling snow, even if they have overtime
  • Free EZ-pass for employees (this I can see actually)
  • employee student scholarships (not a bad idea, just not authorized)
  • employees can cash out unused sick/vacation days (oh that would be nice!)
  • tax payer supported bowling-league
one employee was actually able to earn up to $321,985/yr ... wow!! 

this took place in 2008-2009 ... shortly after the transit service said they had to raise the toll for the Turnpike to cover the cost of maintaining and running it .... and it is due once again for price hike to meet the expected hike for pay & maintainance.

The sick day/vacation payouts were to get around the limits placed on the Union contract now of no more that $15,000 for unused days upon retirement ... this would allow them to 'carry over' just enough days to retirement, yet allow them to get paid for not working while on the job too.  As much as I would love to get the check for the unused days (I think employees would find their workers workin,g so much better & longer) ... but if the union had negotiated the contract and the members would have to vote to accept it, then the employees should not have been doing an end-run around it.

the thing that tipped it all off was the $111,840 bill for a law firm for weekly 'internal status' meetings ... meetings attended by 10-15 lawyers & 2-3 paralegals, but no records as to what actually took place and - from one news source I heard that they charged even if the meetings didn't take place.

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