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Friday, October 22, 2010

Economic Education

The post office is asking for a new hike to postage ... 2cents a letter more ...  to 46cents a letter .... and they want to eliminate weekend deliveries.

the only thing is IN MY LIFETIME postage rate of a domestic letter has gone from 5cents to 44cents - soon 46 cents ... that is an increase of

Here's what makes it look worse:
  • there has been an increase EVERY YEAR since 2006
  • it was only raise once during the 30's & 50's
  • it was not raised during WW2
  • only twice during the 60's
  • four times in the 70's
  • four times in the 80's - including twice in 1981
  • three times in the 90's
  • before the 50's, there were a couple of deliveries a day
  • zipcodes began in '63 (rate increased from 4 to 5cents)
  • zipcode+4 began in '83 (the 'reason' behind that rate increase)
  • Forever Stamp issued in 2007 (cost 41cents)
but don't worry in 1978 the postal service began putting letters on their stamps instead of amounts so that you wouldn't realize how much you were actually spending on postage ...

but for the last 5 years they have asked for and gotten a price hike ... You name me one company in America who could get away with raising their rates like this ... you can't.

but the ironic thing is ....

they say they have to increase the rates because no uses the postal service anymore.

Let me get this straight -- it is cheaper to use email, even with online charges ... so they are going to make it MORE expensive to use???

gee - that's kinda like saying "we spend so much that we can't pay our debt, lets spend more and raise taxes for it" ...


oh ...
wait ...
Okay ... looking at it that way looks really bad ...

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