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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Straight From the Horse's Mouth

Vice President Joe Biden
"People should be angry.
I'm angry.
But the thing about it is -
we're changing this around now
and they gotta show up and vote."
Vice President Joe Biden
Tom Joyner Morning Show

Do we want the second most powerful man (possibly most powerful if you take into consideration that he might soon have the tie-breaker vote in the Senate) to be angry?

I'm not so sure ...

and what is he angry about?

I mean -- they have been in power for 2 years now ....

everything that they can be angry about is on their shoulders now ....

The House & Senate have been in Dem power for 4 years now .... yes the 'recession' is on them ... and the President has been Dem for two years now ... and yes things have gotten worse under his direction ...

You know what?

He's right ....

We should be Angry!!!

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