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Friday, October 01, 2010

FOLLOW UP "caution: Herrschners"

Wanted to let you all know about the results of the great "Fall Yarn Sale" fiasco with Herrschners -- a company I love and who my husband swears I am single-handedly keeping in business ...

First a recap:
on Sept 21st I got an email with red heart yarn at an incredible deal ($1.49/skein) but when I went to their site thru the email the sale price wasn't showing up in the 'cart' ... I sent customer service a quick note, they wrote back saying that when the confirmation for the order came back the prices would be fixed ... so I placed the order and it didn't ... so I had to call into Herrschners to get it straightened out ... was told that they would put it thru at the reg price and then would issue the refund when the credit card info went thru (pay full/then get refund) ...

The charge hit last week, so I've been waiting for the refund to show up as well ....

I called this morning and had to wait for someone to call me back ... not a good sign in my mind ... all I wanted was my $25 credit back ...

well about 3 hrs later they finally called and - yay - they are making the refund.  All except for two skeins of yarn which they had pointed out were not marked "sale" at the time.

Follow up 2:
Interesting .... I just jumped back over to the page and found that they have totally changed the prices ... only 3 of the colors are still being offered at the lower price (showing as the regular price) ... how can they do that and call it a 'sale'? 

Here's my feeling -- and they've done it before -- when you hit the 'sale' button the only images and info that should show up are the ones which are actually on sale ....  so that only the images for the 'iced purple', 'maize', and 'sky blue' would pop up.

I know they can do it --- I've seen it when they put up the sales for their acrylic paints!  the only info given are those at a reduced price.

I have got to reconsider this 'partnership' ... over the past year I have had to call them twice for product shortages, at least once for not giving me free shipping because they ran out of an item (I still qualified, but the computer over-rode it), and now this ....

just those little things that make a person wonder about a company.
Well my order came, but until the refund hit my credit card I wasn't going to open the box in case it had to go back. 

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