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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Follow-Up: NY gov race

here's a bit of trivia:
Jimmy McMillan says he does not pay any rent ... that he has an arrangement with the landlord to do maintainance (NYT) .... however he told the WSJ that he paid $800/month in rent.

"even though my rent is not 'too damn high' if I'm fighting for the children who can't pay rent, whot have no place to live then my rent is 'too damn high' "Jimmy McMillan, no source mentioned
here's my guess -- the landlord has been reporting rent on that apartment, so when the original statement came out it caused a bit of fuss for the landlord ... the estimated worth of work done each month by McMillan is $800 ... which technically he should be reporting on any income forms by federal, state, or county ... because even though no money changed hands, he still has to claim the worth of the gift as income.

stupid I know -- but its a fact.

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