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Friday, October 08, 2010

Naughty Naughty

So my youngest daughter woke me up this morning with:
"what does the sign say above Hancock Fabrics?"
half asleep, "what sign?"
"it said 'Out Sale' ..."
okay - I'm awake now ...
"Close-Out sale? Clearance sale? what, what, what?"
"I don't know - the bus went by too fast and all I saw was 'out sale' the other part was folded over"
"Tell your sister to go up and apply for a job there so we can find out what the sign says ... no wait ..."

So naughty ...

I grabbed the wallet, grabbed the oldest daughter (so she can drive), and I went to JUST BUY glue and a teddy bear nose for my youngest daughter for a school project .... decorating a mini-pumpkin ...

and walked out with 5 yds of material (super sale though ... it was more than 1/2 off!) and a bag of cheesecloth, and a sweatshirt for my daughters old high school ... and a ton of little stuff (like super cute Scottie dog buttons) that all added up fast ...

yikes!  Its a good thing we put some of it back ... actually the most expensive stuff was for my daughter ... out of the $150 - she spent about 75 of it ... man I wish she'd find a job - she's been looking but there isn't anything out there ...

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