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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Numerology Class

Oh Yes -- it is that time once againt!

France .... Transportation workers on strike why?
Retirment age ... currently 60 ... goverrnment wants to make it 62 yrs.
Full Benefits ... currently 65 ... proposed to 67yrs old ... okay - this one I can see ... honestly.
The unions there don't want to pay for the changes, but the government in France can't afford to do it ... hmmm ...
did I also mention that the work week would be raised to actually being 40 hours a week? instead of the 30-32 hrs they enjoy now?
Okay -- back to America ... where we are having our own Love/Hate relationships with the Unions ....
Record-Setting Spending
Federal Goverment FISCAL Budgets
2010:$3.45 Trillion
2009:$3.52 Trillion
2008:$2.98 Trillion
Inflation during this time is 5-6% .... but the Social Security office says they are locking in current social security payments because there has been ZERO growth in inflation ... confused?  Its statistics -- statistics LIE.
 Unemployment: Federal Spending
2010: $160Billion
Up 240% from 2008
Medicare spending
2008-10: up 15.4%
Defense Spending
2008-10: up 12.1%
Social Security
2010: $696Billion
"Food Stamps"
40 million 'customers'
(stat is kinda fishy though)
Federal Reserve Earnings
2010: $76 Billion (so far)
up 120%
[this is a false increase though, its from fees charged when newly printed money leaves the reserves ... once economy 'stablizes' the extra printed money will cause rampid inflation, according to the Wall Street Journal]

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