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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I am so embarrassed ... I posted to the wrong bb on Facebook .... I was expressing my opinion on the news coverage of the trapped miners in Chile ... specifically about the man who's wife discovered he had a mistress ... only instead of posting on the Fox News wall, I posted it on the BSA wall .... oops.

I finally figured out how to delete it, but I'm still embarrassed.

I don't think I wrote anything horrid ... but it was on a totally different subject matter.

So who else was disappointed that the wife of the miner decided not to show up??

Oh c'mon -- you know you wanted to see the two of them standing there waiting for him to make a choice ... although, it sounds like the mistress knew abou tthe wife but the wife didn't know about her.

I guess he had sent up a note saying he wanted both women there when he came up .... why????? I would have thought that would be the last thing he wanted.

BUT when he came up and only saw the mistress he didn't seem too pleased -- he wasn't as happy as the other guys coming up, at least. 

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