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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Saint - Movies & Books

(I had to post this here because my "OTR/OTF" blog has a 1000 character limit ... and this is coming up as 12,000 characters in html)

The Saint Wish I had thought to post this a tad sooner -- but TCM recently had a "Saint" marathon where they showed several of the old movies ... movies which starred - for the most part - George Sanders in the title role.

Don't think you remember George? He was in "The Picture of Dorian Grey" (the one who figures it out) ... he was in "Rebecca" ... he was in "Ghost & Mrs. Muir" (as the author who turned Mrs. Muir into 'the other woman' without her knowledge) ... but he was also in the movie series of "The Falcon" for the first few of that series. 

In fact The Falcon series of films resembled The Saint films so much so that the studio was sued by the Saint's author ... the paper work for the lawsuit has apparently disappeared so nowhere have I been able to find a reason as to the exact grounds of the suit, but one would certainly feel that Leslie Chartens felt that the studio was using the Falcon to get around with paying him royalties for the use of his character ... but that's a different story and been told many times already.

I am interested mostly in the books --

Interestingly enough the first Saint film made - the Saint in New York - was actually the 16th book in the series to be published:

  1. Meet - The Tiger! (1928)
  2. Enter the Saint (1930)
  3. The Last Hero (1930)
  4. Knight Templar (1930)
  5. Featuring the Saint (UK only – 1931)
  6. Alias the Saint (UK only – 1931)
  7. Wanted for Murder (US only – 1931)
  8. She Was a Lady (1931)
  9. The Holy Terror (1932)
  10. Getaway (1932)
  11. Once More the Saint (1933)
  12. The Brighter Buccaneer (1933)
  13. The Misfortunes of Mr. Teal (1934)
  14. Boodle (1934)
  15. The Saint Goes On (1934)
  16. The Saint in New York (1935)
  17. Saint Overboard (1936)
  18. The Ace of Knaves (1937)
  19. Thieves' Picnic (1937)
  20. Prelude for War (1938)
  21. Follow the Saint (1938)
  22. The Happy Highwayman (1939)
  23. The Saint in Miami (1940)
  24. The Saint Goes West (1942)
  25. The Saint Steps In (1942)
  26. The Saint on Guard (1944)
  27. The Saint Sees it Through (1946)
  28. Call for the Saint (1948)
  29. Saint Errant (1948)
  30. The Saint in Europe (1953)
  31. The Saint on the Spanish Main (1955)
  32. The Saint Around the World (1956)
  33. Thanks to the Saint (1957)
  34. SeƱor Saint (1958)
  35. The Saint to the Rescue (1959)
  36. Trust the Saint (1962)
  37. The Saint in the Sun (1963)
Because the first book was published in 1928 they are not in the public domain yet ... if you are lucky enough to run across a copy of one of them, grab it, what I've been finding is $200 for a single bookIf you find a good source for this series - which is highly affordable (MAYBE ON KINDLE FORM?)

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