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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cost of an Education

caught this tonight while waiting for an update about a police chase in FL earlier today .... thought you'd enjoy the information.

You might remember that CA Supreme court yesterday said that ILlegal immigrants who live in the state qualify for IN-state tuition .... if however they are LEGAL foreign students who are residents of the state, they still have to pay the OUT-of-state rates.  huh? but then it is California.

Today the student-body president of CALstate-Fresno came forward, or rather by the sounds of it it was exposed, that he is an ILlegal immigrant ... he entered the college knowing he was illegal ... and claims he had help from counselors on how to get into college.

So which states ALLOW ILlegals to claim in-state tuition?
but most of these states have a clause that says the students must have graduated high school and must try to become a legal citizen as soon as possible.

Now to add salt into the wounds of students who are scratching their heads over the ruling in CA .... today CALstate has also announced that they need to raise tuition by 8% because of a shortfall.

the difference?
In State $8000/yr
Out of State $12,000/yr

They had protests at CALstate today ... which looked like those of Kent state in the 70's ... although in the police defense - most incidences were began by the students ....

like the kid who grabbed a police officers billy-club and struck him with it ... yeah, that didn't end well at all.

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