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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Totally Pointless news

Figured I should start a new Title group of 'pointless news' ... you know, those bits where the news stations seem to jump to as 'breaking news' where you are going - and??? -

this morning was a prime example ...

Fox News (those long time readers know I watch in the mornings) cut in with live helicopter coverage of a slow-moving-police-chase ... where there wasn't a police car in sight.

Not even when the driver (reported to be a woman) took a wrong turn and backed back onto the highway ... an illegal move on its own ... nor when she stopped for a street light ... nor when she got caught up in a traffic jam, in Irving TX's own version of "Spaghetti Junction" ... not a flashing light .. not a dark Suburban ... NOTHING.

I'm thinking that someone is keeping an eye on their ex ... that they are heliostalking her.

The police have called off their pursuit -- there was a pursuit somewhere? But the heliocopter guy is STILL following her.  Oh look - she is either at a drive in bank or a McDonald's ....


See -- pointless news

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