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Monday, November 29, 2010

Economic Education

Ok - so this could have also gone under the heading of "Stupid Politician Tricks" or even "Don't Fall On Your Face Reaching Across That Aisle"

whatever the name - it comes down to politicans playing with people's lives ...
President Barack Obama on Monday proposed a two-year freeze of the salaries of some 2 million federal workers, trying to seize the deficit-cutting initiative from Republicans with a sudden, dramatic stroke.
This will save $5billion the first two-yrs, they figure ... the national debt is about $14Trillion ... so that is about 0.4% (but my math is probably off, all those zeros)
Obama's move was an attempt to get in front of Republican plans to slash federal pay and the workforce next year, when they will flex more legislative muscle than now.

Without congressional action, federal employees would automatically get a 0.9 percent increase under the formula set by a 1990 law. They received a 1.9 percent pay increase this year.

Yes you read that right -- they got almost a 2% raise this year ... most people in the private industry got NOTHING for a raise this year - zilch, zip, nada.  In fact there were some who actually had to take a pay CUT in order to keep their jobs.

The federal goverment workers union (American Federation of Governent Employees) is not happy with their puppet-president right now.  The National Treasury Employees Union says it is going to "derail" the proposal in Congress.

hmmm ... guess we will see how they like their 'Puppet-President' now!!!!
Oh - but this does not include the military (and really the ranks below Colonel really shouldn't be cut - they work for a living) ... nor does it effect members of Congress or their staff ... or defense contractors ... or postal workers, including the overpaid Post Master General ... or Federal Court Judges & their workers.  But Congress froze their salaries already at the beginning of last year -- $174,000/yr base ... with what sounds like that comes with a $1600/yr cost of living increase though ... of course they really had to, considering how much stink was being made of the economy along the campaign trail.

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