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Monday, November 29, 2010

Diets from the 'experts'

there was a doctor on FNC this morning who said that there is a simple DNA blood test you can take to see what kind of diet is best for you

GENOTYPE  Low-Carb Low-Fat
Fat: 35% 25-30%
Carbs: Less than 45% 50-55%
Protein: 20% 20%

But if you notice - both diets are cutting back on protein ... i.e. MEAT

Here's my feeling ....

Professional body builders -- the guys who are not going to put anything into their bodies that are bad for them, because that's their life -- have diets which are 80-95% protein!!

The majority of them slam egg whites ... liquid & cooked ... because it is so high in PROTEIN ....

Olympic athletes and marathon runners -- another group who is not going to do anything to harm their bodies -- are known to stack carbs before an event because of the energy boost that they give the body ...

I'm sorry ....

but I don't see what the issue is with eating these foods ... within reason.

I'm not saying "hey go eat an entire half a cow" or "eat your weight in potato chips" ... but I'm saying that instead of throwing the blame on food (or the places selling it) look at your lifestyle first.

I'm overweight ... I don't blame the chips, the burgers, or the ice-cream (which I don't eat, btw) ... I blame my body's matabolism which changed after I had kids ... I blame myself for not finding a good exersize routine that fits into my ever changing daily routine ...

and I think that these days there is really a lack of personal blame ... and I blame that on the diet industry -- which is a billion dollar/year industry which is mostly unregulated.

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