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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stupid Human Tricks

Ok - so there is a woman in Spain has filed a claim to 'ownership' of the Sun ...

and a Spanish government official has been stupid enough to back her up on it ...

she is says she is going to charge anyone who uses the sun and then give half the money to the Spanish government & national pension plan to help relieve the country's benefits & problems.

Technically, nations can't own stars or planets ... or any heavenly body, really ... I think this is an end run around that international law, myself.

Any how ... she thinks she will be able to make tons of money ....

but ...

now you know who to SUE for your SKIN CANCER and MAJOR SUNBURN and EYE/RETINA DAMAGE ... and then I suppose those who die from thirst in the DESERT can sue her for WRONGFUL DEATH as well.  Not to mention WILD FIRES and HEAT/SUN STROKE.

She may have opened a can of worms here that she isn't expecting.

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