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Thursday, December 02, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Rangel Censured!!

Rangel Centure
H Res 1737

Yea Nay Pres NV
170 077 000 __08 Dem
163 002 000 __14 Rep
000 000 000 __00 Ind
333 079 000 22 Totals
Rangel gets censure - he is ordered to the well of the house. He is ordered to pay his outstanding taxes and provide proof of payment to the committee.
During the press conference afterwards, Rangel had to stop himself mid-sentence and reorganize his thoughts when he nearly said that he recieved benefits from his acts ... he had to add the words "it appeared that he recieved benefits"
Now the next question is --- can the NY citizens recall him since this happened after the fall elections?  And if so, will they (the Dems) let them know what that process is.
The only thing I hope now is that when he sees how people really feel abou this, that he doesn't do something stupid ... and make worse headlines.
He is getting down right testy with the reporters though ... asking "which newspaper do you work for?" of one female reporter over and over when she asked a question he didn't like.  When the other reporters also began asking him why he was dancing around the questions he began to berate them ... accused them of interupting his answers (although the reporters weren't mic'd so they may have been and I just didn't hear it).
Finally he just said that was it and he was done.

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