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Monday, December 13, 2010

Cholera jej zimno

now according to Google that is "Damn its cold" in Polish!  the two major school districts in the state have closed down for the day because of the cold & windchill ... and the giant snow drifts at the corners where the busses pick up, I suspect ... but do you think my kids could get the same break?

oh heck no ...

If I were a working parent, I'd be thankful really - the district is set up to accommendate those dual income families who wouldn't have anyone home to watch the kids on days like today - since many employers would worry about people having to call in if they don't have kids old enough to watch those who are too young to stay home alone.

and in today's world - in many cases - you don't know the person living next to you well enough to leave your child home with them all day.

I just hope the kids can stay bundled up in the -20F windchills today -- it will be indoor activities after lunch, I'm sure ... told them to come straight home after school ... but I'm hoping they don't get frost bite on their noses getting from the bus to the house.

At least I don't have to worry about sleds being left on the hill this weekend ... at least not until my son finds where he put his sledding goggles.


I miss a wood burning fireplace -- it sure would be nice right about now.  that and a cauldron of soup.

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