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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Countdown

Ten Days Left ... where is the time going???

Oh my ... I have 3 of 5 panels made for my youngest daughters afghan ... but its actually quite a quick crochet, so if I don't get too bored with all the chains needed for joining, it should go quick.  In fact if I can keep myself awake during the day (fighting a cold or the flu, haven't made up my mind) it should be done by the weekend.

actually the one who is being hard to figure out is my oldest son ... it seems like the perfect gift woud be $$$ .. but that is going to be really tight this year between two kids going to college and books for same ... youngest son's eye operation and now hubby's medical bills as well ... he was supposed to get GPS for Christmas, but hubby gave that to him over two months ago - I don't think he uses it much ... thought of a charger for his car, but we already got hi one of those a few years ago ... already got him a heated seat cushion last year ... maybe ... sheets.  No that is too much like "socks & underwear".  Did get him a dvd of "Greatest Viking players" ... but that will probably be set aside like the music cds I've bought for him over the years.

Oldest daughter is getting her own dress dummy (dress form) ... I have lost the snow globe I bought for her.  For the life of me I can not remember where I hid it so it would be safe and not freeze from the cold.  Hopefully I can find it in time for her birthday.

Youngest daughter is getting the afghan ... and a half dozen skeins of yarn of her own, and a yarn holder ... somewhere I have a complete set of crochet hooks for her ... its probably hanging out with her sister's snow globe.

Youngest son ... he really deserves coal ... but he's so cute... and he's had such a hectic year so far.  He is also getting yarn, stash holder, and missing crochet hooks.  Need to get him some legos someplace too - it was the only thing on his list, really.  He is getting a set of Ellery Queen discs too.

Hubby & I can hold off.  I got snowman cups  & the matching tea/cocoa pot ... he got a new portable charger for his car.  Nothing huge ... oh and I got two cookbooks and he is getting the complete series "Due South" ...

Then there's the extended family ....

well they will just have to understand ...

they better understand ...

I'm sure I will have something for everyone ... but it won't be much this year.

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