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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Reality Check

So I'm watching our local Fox affiliate (KMSP ch9) and they have a report on how early on-set of mentral periods are health related.

The report started with the reporter saying that if you look at a doorway from 100 yrs ago they were smaller because people were smaller ...


They are smaller because you didn't have HANDICAP ASSESSABLE DOORWAYS back then -- duh!

They didn't have BUILDING CODES that specified door widths ....

They built houses on the cheap and DIDN'T WANT TO SPEND EXTRA MONEY on framing a big door way .... the doorways supplied were meant to use a single standard sized plank of wood at the time.

Size of the people had NOTHING to do with it..

If you look at some of the WEALTHY homes, they had huge doorways that were double doored because they could afford the wood/framing/skill necessary for such a doorway.

How about you do a bit of research before opening your reports with such a flagrant peice of MIS-information.

You might wonder how I know this?  My grandfather held many different jobs in his time and part of it was spent working on houses.

Stairs were much steeper then too -- must be because our legs were longer then? or perhaps because people were used to walking up more steep hills? No because they could make more use of the house space for living by not having so much wasted space under a flight of stairs -- the spaces beneath used for hutches, or storage in some cases.
Okay - off to write them a terse note ... now that I've gotten most of my disgust out of the way.

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