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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Holiday Blahs

We had a major set back this year with my son's eye ... at age 14 he had a detached retina stemming for a routine eye visit - who knew that simply getting your eyes diulated could cause your retina to detach??

Any how -- the bills are still coming in ... at least 1 1/2 months worth of income to pay what insurance isn't covering (one of the few times I wish we were 'unioned' - they have phenominal insurance plans) ..

so Christmas is going to be mostly homemade items ... a few store-bought things that I've collected over the year, but nothing close to what the family (especially the extended family) has come to enjoy ... but for each of my kids I made sure they got at least two store bought gifts -- but now I have misplaced one of the big ones.

My oldest daughter is getting a dress-dummy -- in a hope that she will try to make her own clothes and save us some major buck ... in fact since she has lost weight since starting college, she will be able to adjust the clothes she already has - even better.

But her other store gift is a snow globe she drooled over at the fabric store ... and I got it during a 1/2 off sale so I saved money (really good since the last time we went there we spent nearly $400 for christmas present supplies) ... only my daughter was home when we got it, and it was too cold to leave it in the car - it would have froze and cracked - I had to be stealthy to get it past her ... but you know what?? I can't find the damed thing now!!!  It was the only thing I bought that day too.  We got it when we (hubby & me) went to pick up her dress-dummy, but I know where that is and it isn't there.

I am missing the two complete crochet hook sets I bought for my two youngest kids as well.  My son actually prefers knitting over crochet, but I really want him to learn to crochet since things seem to work up faster - at least for me ...

my feeling is that if you teach the basic skills of crochet & sewing, embroidery & mending, then your children will be able to keep themselves warm & clothed no matter the circumstances.  They will be able to survive those ''tough times' better than those who only know how to buy it at the store.

now if only I could learn to spin - to teach them to make their own yarn & thread :-D

joking ... honest ... just joking

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