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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Straight From the Horse's Mouth

" ... The American people did not vote for grid lock. They didn't vote for unyeilding partisanship.  They are demanding cooperation, and their demaning progress.  And they will hold all of us, and I mean 'all of us', accountable for it ...  We should work to make sure that taxes will not go up by thousands of dollars on hard-working, middle-class Americans come January 1st - which would be disasterous for those families but could also be crippling for the economy ... "
President Barack Obama
November 30, 2010
After meeting with incoming GOP House leaders
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I find this rather ironic ... especially in light of all the things that the American people said they didn't want that were shoved down our throats ... like the Health Care Bill ... the "Green Tax" ... the multiple laws passed in late night sessions after the Republicans went home ...

I'm sorry ... but if there has been any sort of Partisan politics going on for the last four years which has screwed up this country - its been Congress which has been led by the Democrats.  The Senate - ran by Pelosi - has been especially GUILTY of this sort of practice.

The Republicans aren't in power yet ... YOUR PARTY, Mr. President, still has an opportunity to do the RIGHT THING before they leave their seats ...

They have the chance to show what can really be done within a 'lame duck' session by setting things straight ...

They have known about the tax-cuts expiring now since BEFORE the election but have chosen to sit upon their hands and twiddle their thumbs ...

So who do you think is really to blame for the tax mess that is about to hit the middle class??

Really ....

Think about it!

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